17 wrecks on the bottom of the sea, no trace of the Orzel. “We don’t give up”

juni 28th, 2016

Santi Find the EagleSanti Find the Eagle” is a long term project to find the wreck of the famous Polish warship ORP Orzel. The expedition team consists among others of four divers, two hydrographers and two historians, led by Tomasz Stachura from Santi. Their main focus is to find the wreck of the submarine to give the relatives clarity about their loved ones and possibly get answers about the disappearance of the submarine. At the same time an almost even important focus is to maintain the history and the heroic actions of the crew during World War II, and tell the story to a bigger audience. At the beginning of World War II the crew of ORP Orzel managed to escape from the Germans from the Baltic Sea. Captain Jan Grudzinski was given posthumously the War Order of Vituti Militari, the highest military award  for courage at wartime. Read the rest of this entry »